Friday, April 3

and so it finally begins

A possible urinary tract infection, which has me sitting in bed because my back hurts, is finally leading to me putting a real post on this so-called blog. One day it may become something, I have my doubts, but being the optimistic person I am, I have high hopes that it will become something that I can look back on and say "Wow, I had no idea what I was talking about."

I'd like to say I have a large number of blog entries stored onto my computer, ready to be posted on the world wide web for all (or none) to read and think about for a few seconds before they browse through porn. Or maybe that's just my internet life.

This blog is supposed to be about my views and "life" in Chicago, so let's get to it. Here's something I wrote up sometime ago. I'll begin to include pictures once the weather stays decent for more than 2 days at a time.

Monday, March 2nd. 2009

I arrived in Chicago at about 3pm. I had it set to meet my roommate around 4, but called to tell her that I would probably be there a bit earlier. As I found my house, she was just walking down the street. I greeted her with a hug (shaking hands seemed odd at the moment) and she led me into the house.

We live in the basement of a house in Logan Square. Now, I am very new to the basement business. We don't have those around in Austin, so an underground fortress is a bit strange for me. I hadn't seen pictures of the place so I didn't know what I was getting myself into. We walked in and of course it's a small place, which doesn't bother me. I used to live in a 500 square foot efficiency in Austin, so this wasn't a shock. However, the condition of the place was a bit of a bummer. I knew my roommate wasn't the neatest person I had come across, but I was hoping for a little more than what I got.

Let's begin. The dishes were piled high on the drying rack (we have no dish washer, again, not a big deal, I hadn't had one in 2 years), and some in the sink. The livingroom was messy, with a beige, checkered couch that definitely does not fit in our tiny space, and a forest green recliner that is beat up quite a bit, but the cat, Dougal, loves it so she keeps it around.

The counter tops in the kitchen are a mess, just about everything is. She shows me my room, and there are random things on the floor and in the closet which she removed a few minutes after I was there. My room is tiny. Maybe this is normal for a basement converted into an apartment, but yes, it's terribly small.

The bathroom is a decent size, the shower curtain is plain, but luckily I had my awesome Black Bear Forest one to put up and add some character to it.

Hanson and I get to work unloading all of my things, which of course are mainly clothes. After pulling my wardrobe out of my car, we get to work on hanging up all of my clothes and assembling my extra wardrobe stand. We get everything in place in my room and then relax for a minute. My roommate peers in and comments on how much clothing I have, and how my room looks more like a room than it ever had... There was still no bed, no drawers, nothing. It amazed me that just by having a closet full of clothes and a shelf covered in movies and books could resemble a room. In my mind, I had miles to go.

Off to Ikea. We went to the one in Schaumburg, wow, what an Ikea. We bought my bed, mattress, baskets for clothes, trash bin, and towels. We then booked it out of there and headed to Chicago Diner. I hadn't eaten since 10am or something, and it was 9pm by then, I believe.

While looking for parking, I managed to turn the wrong way down a one way, and immediately attempted to turn around before I had even passed one car on the street. Of course, a cop caught me, and pulled me over. I rolled down the window and told him I had just moved from Austin about 3 hours prior and had no idea this was a one way. That did me no good. He took my license and insurance, and wrote me a ticket. I've noticed that Chicago police ride 2 deep, so the chubby
female cop, who I watched from my rear view mirror gerbal pack her face with food, then brought me my ticket, and told me I had to deal with the Texas DPS in order to take care of it. Appear in court (not happening) or pay the fine. Thanks, assholes. We finally made it to Chicago Diner and my worries went away for the time being. We sat and enjoyed our food, and got some cake to go.

We got home and attempted to sleep. On my twin bed. Yes, twin. My room is so small, anything else would have seriously taken up the entire room. Oh, life. I slept terrible that night, as I did the night before. My first day living in Chicago was quite an experience.

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