Wednesday, April 22

for your viewing pleasure

I'm convinced that single children are the worst people to walk this earth. I can't remember having a decent relationship with any one I've met. Prove me wrong and I'll give you a nickel.
I'm getting sick, I can feel it in my throat and my head.

Jobs I would have if I threw all my pride and pussy tendencies out the window:
1. Stripper (but wouldn't every girl?)
2. Fast food cashier... did it back in high school, it blows.
3. Attempt to be homeless... they probably make more an hour than I do
4. Mexican who rides the ice cream bike around school parks
5. Cashier at a convenience store, sit behind "theft protection" glass and slide money under the slit.
6. Avon sales rep... fuck that shit.
7. Birth a child... sorry twerp, my body is more important.

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