Monday, April 6

while i was sleeping

My time is being consumed with shredded a shirt. It's incredibly tedious and tiresome, but it's all I feel like doing today. I'll also see if I can power read through The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. Gotta love a good science fiction book for your daily reading.
My dreams have been ridiculous and intense. I usually forget them shortly after I wake up, therefore next time I should hit the blog (or notepad) as fast as I can after I've opened my little sleepy, gooey eyes.
Ahhh yes, I sort of remember this one. I was looking for a new place to live, and had to take the little girls I watch with me. I found this ridiculously huge apartment in a bad ass area of Chicago, and the man who owned it was hobbit sized, and blind. His eyes let out this scary white glare, almost as if the only white in his eyes were his pupils. But, none the less, he was sweet. My cat, Oscar, was coming along with us, and hanging out with the girls at their school park.
I went outside to get the girls after checking out this place, and there were Dr. Seuss characters talking with them. Gigantic ones, and they didn't look happy like I remembered. They were scary ass hell, with greepy "Grinch" grins on their faces, all of them. Even Cindy Lou. I quickly grabbed the girls and we headed to the place to check it out some more.
Oscar came in and gave the blind man some love, and then I was shown the place. I shared it with 2 other people, but the only thing we shared was the kitchen. It was $800 a month, but there was plenty of room for 2 other people.
My closet was huge, and he wanted me to wear this flower print jumpsuit that he said a clown previously owned. It was a little creepy.

There's my dream. I'm gonna brush my teeth and head to the coffee shop.

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  1. I dig the writting extrodinarly well thought out and articulated little drops of real life mixed with surreal imagery it's tuff to decifer what is the dream