Tuesday, May 26

nothing real

No real post today.
Read a book. That's what
my plans are.

Sunday, May 24

angry candy

50 mistakes women make when having sex
Every girl should read this.

18, 32, 34 and 35 are quite something.

I'm a shitty blogger. I have projects I'm working on, and can't really wrap around the idea of me having pieces of clothing that I've created being in a fashion show, or even being sold in a local shop here in Chicago. I'll maybe post some photos of my work and more of a detailed description soon.

I also got a bike and I love it.

Wednesday, May 13

if you think some women want only your love
try giving them some coke
they won't remember the
color of your eyes
or what you whispered in their

but lay out some lines
and give them a matchstick
(to prove they are professional)
unlike a woman in love
they will return

and one must admit
that faith in any

better than the

indifference of deserted

and the one


Tuesday, May 12

1 9 1 5

Herbert James Draper.

Wednesday, May 6


I would like this shirt, please:

breadcrumb trail

I added twitter to this thing, and my life.
Incredibly lame. I have one long finger nail
for the coke I snort.

Everyone should.
Creeping up into the sky
The girl grabbed my hand
I said goodbye to the ground